Understanding Hebrew Thought

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Scott Stewart PhD, Understanding Hebrew Thought 

Course Description:

Understanding Hebrew Thought

3 credit hours. Understanding Hebrew Thought is a journey into the minds of the people who wrote the Bible. In this course, students will learn how to read the scriptures through their original Hebraic lens. They will learn the difference between Hebraic block logic and Greek linier thought.  Scholars will discover how the Hebrews used poetry, history, parables, idioms and metaphors to tell the story of the God of Israel.  This course will also biblically explore how God established His Sabbath and Feast days, imbedding himself into the natural cycles and rhythms of the Hebraic life. After completing this course scholars will never read the Bible the same way again. 

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What's included?

12 Videos
2 Texts
12 PDFs
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

About the instructor

Scott Stewart holds both a BA and MA in Middle Eastern History and a PhD in Hebraic Studies, specializing in Biblical Hebrew. Additionally he has a diploma from Agape School of World Evangelism. Dr. Stewart was inducted into the Oxford Society of Scholars in 2013.

Dr. Stewart served on the mission field for over 26 years, where he and his wife Loretta started 11 churches and one Bible School, in eight different countries.  Dr. Stewart speaks six different languages.